Connecting with your Feminine Cycle

Every stage of our menstrual cycle is an oppurtunity to learn more about our internal landscape and rhythms. As we connect with the stages of the moon and the phases of nature we discover our interconnectedness to the Earth.

Our Cyclical Nature

So much of what we have been taught goes against the eb and flow of our nature. The Feminine energies are multi faceted and layered.

Every stage of our menstrual cycle brings the embodiment of a different archetype. The way we eat, move, sleep and show up in our lives changes from week to week.

And yet many of us end up completely burnt out and depleted, not listening to our bodies. Frustrated that we are unable to keep up with the pace of our lives.

When we learn how to work with our bodies rather than against everything them changes!

Knowing yourself in this way is your birthright. Every woman should know and live by this wisdom but sadly it has been forgotten.

It's time to remember!

How do the Lunar Cycles affect me?

We are ever changing, day and night, moment to moment our emotions are up and down, our weight fluctuates and our moods change like the wind . Our very nature is that of water, flowing, changing, moving. Yet we have been taught to carry on, to push through and ignore the messages of our bodies. Over time this leads to energy imbalances and an erosion of the nervous system. We feel deflated and lack motivation and energy.

Do you honour your body as a sacred temple?

By tapping into the wisdom of our own menstrual cycle we have the oppurtunity to come home to ourselves. To work with the natural rhythms of the body rather than against them and to stand strong in the knowing what our body needs at any given time. When we begin to honour the body as a sacred temple, we can shine our light and be proud of what we represent. This inner connection is formed through care, patience and understanding. As we nurture others, we learn to nurture ourselves and realise that we can only give from a cup that is overflowing.

Do you know you have many feminine energies?

The archetypal energies we hold within us as women are vast. We are able to adapt to our situations with ease. We can go from being the Mother to the Lover easily. Our wisdom grows with age and as we move through our rites of passage portals, it brings a deeper connection to ourselves and nature. We trust our intuition and connect to the greater plan and meaning of our lives and become a seeker beyond what we can see.

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Meet your Guide

Hey it’s Sarah here from School of Forgotten Wisdom, I’m so excited your open to exploring more about yourself as a woman. As a Mum to both a boy and girl I feel deeply passionate about brining these teachings back to life! Connecting with my own inner cycles and rhythms as a woman was the start of my spiritual journey and so it fills me with so much joy to see other women stepping back into this place of deep remembrance. My vision is for you to remember, to reclaim all parts of yourself, to live in truth, to remember your own divinity and gifts and to live from a place of creativity and expansion. I hope this guide serves by you taking the first step in reclaiming your own truth. Igniting a spark of curiosity that takes you on a journey of self-discovery. May you remember how beautiful you truly are!